Off-Market -

Real Estate Brokerage

Off-Market -

Real Estate Brokerage

The off-market real estate brokerage

requires professionalism and reliability as well as absolute discretion.

We offer the discreet and direct connecting of sellers with financially strong prospective buyers.
It is our aim to ensure an optimal fit between the two sides through intensive preliminary checks in accordance with the criteria and the targeted pre-selection of qualified investors.

During the entire process, we only communicate directly with sellers and investors or their authorized representatives.

Within our network, we place the highest value on trust and reliability, because only on this basis can a professional, outwardly silent and successful processing for all parties be guaranteed.

Based in Berlin, we broker off-market properties throughout Germany as well as on the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland.

If networks are to be more efficient... this will come about only on the basis of a high level of trust and the existence of shared norms of ethical behavior between network members.

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